WordPress web design wasn’t always as popular as it is today. The WordPress content management system was labelled and known as merely a “blogging system” some years back. These days, WordPress websites are ubiquitous, and it is recognized as the best CMS tool for developers and the end user. Other popular CMS platforms such as Drupal and Joomla are trailing in both the number of installations and developers.

WordPress is a very powerful web development tool that houses anything from a basic brochure style informative website to extremely high-traffic e-commerce websites. In fact, there was a rumour circulating that some of the back-end programming for the Facebook website was based on some WordPress PHP principles.

WordPress is becoming the #1 platform for websites that require a Content Management System or Mobile Website usability built in. WordPress websites are increasing in numbers on the internet for very good reasons.

WordPress Features and Benefits:

  1. Free open source code and simple installation
  2. Built in blogging system
  3. Extensive developer community for plugins
  4. Specialized themes available
  5. You can create any kind of website with WordPress
  6. Mobile friendly and responsive capabilities
  7. WordPress websites can be converted into mobile apps
  8. Very user friendly back-end dashboard and content management system
  9. Search engine optimization friendly
  10. Social media friendly

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