Vancouver freelance WordPress web designers have to love this time of year. The more it rains and as the days get shorter and nights get longer, the more time you have free of the distractions of going out to run errands or go to the beach. You can actually get some solid, focussed work hours and creativity going in your studio or home office. There is no excuse for not getting your work done when the Vancouver rainforest weather hits the city centre and surrounding lower mainland area with liquid inspiration.

Freelance web designers in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland are no strangers to the dark and rainy months (this is also why Vancouver, Seattle and Portland web designers and developers drink a lot of coffee). So, instead of complaining about the weather and what you can’t do, why not embrace it and use the quiet, tranquil hours to improve your design craft and development skills in the areas of web design, web development, and graphic design.

There is a calm and serene feeling when a web designer, web developer, or graphic designer is in the zone and flow of work while the rain falls down hard outside of your workspace windows and you are locked into a creative flow with nothing but the Adobe Creative Suite, a text editor, the WordPress CMS dashboard, the music of your choice, and a hot cup of coffee to guide the way.

Of course, if you get tired of working alone in your design studio or home, you can always venture out to a local Vancouver coffee shop and work from there with a wifi connection and dazzle strangers with your Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator expertise. Also, getting out and working in an environment with like-minded individuals helps with a freelance designer’s work ethic. Who knows… you might meet your next business partner, or a fellow designer and actually network with real people instead of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin “people.”

Freelance web designers and graphic designers in Vancouver: Keep building your mystery during the autumn and winter hours, and your hard work will pay off by the time spring and summer rolls around.

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