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This may turn out to be an ironic article, as I will probably make some typos myself, but my entire business isn’t on the line here!

Content writing is a profession that some startups on a budget consider unnecessary, then go about writing their own content to the best of their abilities.

Many factors come in to play when choosing to write your own copy for your website or advertising material. Knowledge, education, creativity, and having a firm grasp of the English language are essential when writing engaging, communicative, and professional content.

These days, less is more with text content, as many viewers will not read anything more than a gripping headline, look at a photo, or read a brief descriptive paragraph.

A/B marketing and advertising testing proves that a headline or title for a website section or page accompanied by the perfect graphic or photo creates more engagements and conversions. A single word can make a world of difference when it comes to the numbers of viewers who are drawn into, or disregard your website or article.

As far as typos go… Nothing is more unprofessional and embarrassing as a typo or misspelled word on an important proposal or piece of marketing material – such as a website, brochure, or Facebook/Instagram advertisement.

SEO Content Writing for Google Search Engine Optimization

Also, when I write content for a company website, I will also tailor the text content to include keyword rich words and phrases for search engine optimization purposes. Working those unique SEO rich keywords into the descriptive content is a craft that requires skill, experience, trial-and-error experimentation, and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work with Google and their ever-changing algorithms and rules.

It is also critical to not just “keyword stuff” your website text content, and to ensure the writing is coherent, relevant, interesting, and that you have quality content that people want to read and learn about on your website.

Also, let’s not forget the case when a single typo bankrupted companies, and a stock trade typo cost a securities company $225M. Read Article

Vancouver Website Content Writing