How many times have you had clients telling you that a certain task is “easy to do” or tell you just how long it is going to take you to do something? You have to love that kind of ignorant arrogance that has amped up even more because people think they are highly skilled computer users because they know how to use their mobile devices, tablets, and can manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts all by themselves! Using “apps” (I hate that term) to edit photos and applying filters to create retro looking photos of your selfies and such does not a graphic or web designer make. Now programming and designing an “app” is another story boys and girls.

I believe doctors must have the same frustration when patients enter their offices after researching their ailment via Google or WebMD. They come into the office with a list of things that “they think they have,” and tell the doctor what is wrong with them while he or she sits their waiting for a chance to speak. Why bother going to the doctor in the first place if you know it all chief?

Mind you, some things we do are relatively “easy to do,” but they are only easy to do because we have the training, education and experience to do them quickly. I’m sure it is fairly easy for a mechanic to change your brakes, or a dentist to give you a filling, but I wouldn’t head down to home depot and buy a drill and try your luck with dentistry. Sorry, there is no “app” for that either…

The End.

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