WordPress eCommerce web design generally costs in the range of $4,000 – $12,000 to develop, design, test, and launch, and eCommerce is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

A brick-and-mortar retail shop requires and investment of approximately $100,000 to $200,000 for the lease property, physical inventory, marketing and advertising, interior design, electric bills and utilities, office equipment, staff, contractors, and insurance.

You do the math…

This is why it is interesting that some clients are hesitant to pay a very reasonable fee for a digital version of their business that actually gives them more returns than their current business model and physical store.

Not only does an online digital WordPress eCommerce website storefront require very little “overhead,” but it also allows your business to reach a global audience and customer base for sales outside and far beyond your physical location.

I believe these days in 2018, it would be most lucrative for small businesses, startups, and established companies to invest a fair amount in their eCommerce storefront, and perhaps keep some physical brick-and-mortar retails “shops” open as showcase and display outlets.

With the physical store, you are getting walk-in customers and customers that have found you by word-of-mouth or online via your website or social media, then they get inside a box of metal and glass with rubber tires and transport themselves over to your store physically in order to peruse your merchandise in your cash cow of an operation, and possibly, maybe make some purchases. That’s a lot of steps for a simple transaction.

Obviously, some business models and services will always require a physical storefront. Business such as auto repair shops, yoga studios, restaurants, gas stations, hair salons, etc., do require the client/customer to visit a location to have services performed. Although, these business do benefit greatly from having a professional website and online presence via social media advertising services and promotions as well.

With an eCommerce storefront built with WordPress and WooCommerce, you can make those online sales and build revenue for your business while you are sleeping, socializing, on vacation, or spending time with your family with the only costs being the initial web design and development fees, maintenance and security updates on the website, and marginal web hosting and domain name registration fees.

That’s a pretty good deal, and yields great profit margins for businesses such as clothing stores, furniture stores, jewellery stores, grocery stores, vitamin stores, book stores, schools, colleges, universities, and any business that sells information services or physical merchandise that can be digitally downloaded, mailed, or shipped to their customers all over the world.

If you are interested in a WordPress WooCommerce website for your business in order to sell your products, merchandise and services online, contact Vancouver eCommerce and WordPress Web Designers at Creation Designs for an estimate today.

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